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Healthy eating audio visual pictorial guide






Healthy eating can make you feel happier and healthier. It is about finding a balance and knowing which foods you should eat more of every day, and the foods that are best to eat sometimes.

DA–Vic has recently developed a short ten minute clip called Healthy Eating. The clip explores healthy eating messages, including:

  • different food groups
  • recommendations for each food group, including daily intake
  • portion sizes
  • healthy cooking methods
  • and sample meal plans.

The Healthy Eating clip is available in English, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Arabic. It is suitable for all adults and teenagers, including people with diabetes and those wanting to lose weight.


The clip can be accessed via the DA–Vic YouTube channel or website, or by clicking on the links below:

Arabic -   

English -  

Greek -  

Italian -

Mandarin -   

Vietnamese -   

Healthy eating audio visual pictorial guide

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